29 minutes | Aug 4th 2020

Four Steps Away

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Have you ever thought about a situation and let your thoughts spiral downwards very fast to the worst-case scenario that can happen? Learning how not to let your thoughts go to the worst-case scenario is a learned skill. Learning to sit, enjoy, and rejoice is important. Enjoying that money you just made, that email list you just built, and other wins are things we should rejoice about. 

Learning to recognize and correct the spiral is what I call the journey of the four steps away. To understand the four steps away, picture a ladder. Now, you are in the middle rung of the ladder and there are four steps above and four steps below.

The middle step is a situation that has no emotions to it yet. You can choose to go up or down the ladder. You can spiral down by thinking about the worst-case scenario or go up the ladder. If you spiral downwards you’ll go through the steps of annoyance, worry, anger then victimization. You can choose to go upwards through the steps of spark, excitement, belief then empowerment. You chose which four steps you are going to take with every situation.

Listen in on specific examples of how to apply the four steps away when it comes to business. 

Key Takeaways

  • How a business coach helps you get to your goals faster by avoiding crawling and going on the business jet (04:30)
  • The next level program is open for applications for people who are a good fit (05:33)
  • Joy can be our greatest theft of happiness (11:21)
  • Being able to sit and enjoy and rejoice is a learned skill (12:38)
  • learning how to not go to the worst-case scenario is a skill that has to be learned (13:17)
  • The journey of the four steps away (14:06)
  • How to apply the four steps away in business (16:06)
  • The secrets of going faster up the ladder (21:00)

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