31 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Feel Like Quitting? 11 Reasons Why

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Entrepreneur life comes with some challenges that will make us feel like quitting. These thoughts will cross your head so many times. But you know what, you are not a quitter. You will carry on and will be fine in the end.

 Understanding the reasons why you feel like quitting will help you push these thoughts away from your head when they come. These reasons are the normal challenges that entrepreneurs face. They are like bumps along the way but you’ll get over with and carry on.

Listen in to these 11 reasons so that next time you feel like quitting, just know that you are not alone. Reset your expectations when faced with these challenges. You don’t have to quit; you can do this. The world needs your products.  

Key Takeaways

  • You expect to make a million dollars overnight and you don’t (03:19)
  • Why school screwed us up and makes us feel like failures while we are not (06:35)
  • You want to quit because your family needs you all the time (08:46)
  • You are afraid to celebrate your small wins because it feels like bragging (11:57)
  • You think everybody else will celebrate with you, they wont (13:38)
  • You feel busy all the time (15:10)
  • You got your first one-star review (17:17)
  • You are not tracking your numbers: keep your books clean (19:20)
  • Products got delayed: plan for delays, they will always happen (21:56)
  • Price increases thus increasing your costs; Increase your prices as well (23:27)
  • You are tired; take a break (25:51)

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