40 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Ever Felt Stuck?

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Entrepreneurs often get stuck in their thoughts. This holds them back and prevents them from going to the next level. I experienced this early on and was helped by a performance coach to overcome the nervousness I had. The next level program is designed to help entrepreneurs push through when they feel stuck. The coaches help them back to the right lane so that they can run their best race.

Tune in and hear our momentum coaches share amazing stories of how our students have been able to push through their limiting beliefs that they thought were facts. Our coaches know how to ask the right questions to understand why you are getting stuck.

First off, momentum Tonya shares with us some reasons people get stuck and some examples of how they push through. She takes us through the magic of not knowing and believing. Momentum coach Melisa walks us through the process of testing our thoughts to find out which serves us best. She advises that managing our thoughts will directly affect our results and empowering emotions helps us gain momentum.  Misty shares how working with momentum coaches can be helpful. She also shares some amazing stories about some students that have gone through the program. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why it is essential to have a performance coach when you are running a business (00:15)
  • How our minds keep us from dreaming to protect us from disappointment (09:23)
  • Not knowing about the how, the magic is in not knowing (10:28)
  • Pushing through doubts and feelings of inadequacy (14:17)
  • Testing our thoughts to find the ones that serve us best (17:32)
  • Knowledge is not enough, but it is nothing without action (20:55)
  • Willing to learn, being okay with the uncomfortable unknown and taking time to shift your mindset are desirable traits for an entrepreneur (24:37)
  • How a coach helps you remain focused and plan and prioritize your next moves (27:04)
  • Reframing the idea of failure and turning it into learning (27:53)
  • How the challenging times and discomfort make the good times sweeter (28:32)

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