41 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Business partner? 5% or 95%

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Shelley, Missy and I are business partners in the How Does She business. Shelley has the superhero power of making business relationships work. She also does a good job working with influencers for the business. She helps us understand some of the things you can do to make business relationships last. She also shares how to work with influencers.

Shelley shares how we started our blog business back then with just a small amount of money we had. It took more than three months to make $1000. We saved this money in our nest egg which was a smart move. Our business has grown ever since.

Having been business partners for more than 10 years, we have seen the best and worst of each other. The key to our relationship has been Shelley. She explains how she uses her personality as a peacemaker to solve disagreements that will always arise in business and in life. As business partners, you should focus on the 95% of someone that is good, not on the 5% that is difficult.

Influencers are a great way to sell your product. They are so powerful, you have to use them appropriately and sincerely. They have taken time to build their audience so love them and listen to them. Having a good product, getting it in their hands, telling them the earning potential from the product, and appreciating them are some of the ways you can build a winning relationship. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar (11:05)
  • Everyone’s perspective is valid; you are not always right (12:21)
  • Speak 9 positives about a person before speaking a negative (12:49)
  • 5% of everyone is difficult, focus on the 95% goodness (15:00
  • Make your email and direct message titles to influencers personal (17:49)
  • Tell the influencer their earning potential based on previous sales (19:57)
  • Tell your influencer why your product is a good fit for them and their audience (23:41)
  • Get your products into the hands of the influencers (24:26))
  • Follow up and then your influencer and appreciate them (25:38)
  • Have a good product, not junk (26:51)
  • Find an influencer who is honest and speaks the truth (28:18)

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