30 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

#27 - A Perfect Life – Christa Funk

Welcome to Episode #27My guest is Christa Funk. Christa is a wife, mother, registered yoga instructor, and senior yoga master trainer.  She is currently advancing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist.Christa talks today about her epiphany, how she realized that everything is already perfect.  Yes, everything.  Every moment, and every one of us.  She explains how she grew via the contributions of so many words of wisdom from people around her. Her life journey includes her challenges, struggles, and doubts.  All these excellent feelings built her up to be the amazing, ever-flourishing woman she is now.Enjoy the episode!https://www.wellnesswonders.cahttps://www.yogafit.com/ca/about-yogafit/team/master-trainers/https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/christadnorgren
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