26 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

#19 - A Courageous Woman and Adventurous Traveler - Susan Nassiripour

Welcome to Episode #19 My guest Susan NassiripourSusan is a native of Vancouver. She discovered her passion for travel while in her twenties, which eventually led to her move to China. Her original plan was to live and work in China for a couple of years while travelling Asia before moving back to Canada to settle down. Susan doesn't open up about her childhood often but decided to share a little with us today because her life was not her own until she escaped her violent father. Once Susan had her freedom and the ability to design her own life and realized how happy her lifestyle in China made her (being a teacher while travelling several times a year), she decided not to give in to social pressures and continue living the life she chooses. Susan has now lived in China for over 13 years and has been to 94 countries.Enjoy!
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