30 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

#16 - Adventures of a Rookie Motorcyclist - Lynn O'Reilly

Welcome to Episode #16My guest Lynn O'ReillyLynn took up adventure motorcycling in 2012 when she met her now-husband, Peter, who had been riding for a few years. He said that there were two things that he loved to do. Skiing in the winter and ride his motorcycle in the summer. So as she loves picking up new skills and having adventures, she took on the challenge of learning to ride. Lynn wasn't expecting how her new passion would help her connect with her husband, with nature and even with strangers.Today Lynn shares her love for riding and a few short stories covering her trips and adventures.Listening to her had me wondering if I would be brave enough to have similar adventures with Dave, my husband.Follow them on Instagram @oladventuresEnjoy!
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