50 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Old School Brand Building and Self-Funding to Scale - Rose-Marie Swift pof RMS Beauty

Today’s venture backed startup landscape has raised the bar for what it takes to compete, much less succeed. Many brands today focus on valuations, the size of fundraising rounds, top line numbers and their exit plan - and that’s one path. Others remain self-funded and fiercely independent defining success on their own terms. In this paradigm success is not based on size but the ability to execute on your purpose, vision and  strategy all while being laser focused on profitability. Clean beauty pioneer and makeup artist Rose Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty, is one of these fearless founders, who shares her insights and experiences with BeautyMatter's Kelly Kovack on the podcast "It's a Matter Of...".See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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