45 minutes | May 27, 2021

A Vision of Beauty - Gillian Gorman Round of Kjaer Weis

The changing landscape of the beauty industry includes less and less of big companies incubating small brands, according to Kjaer Weis. CEO Gillian Gorman Round. She shares her journey. including unexpected twists at every turn which  led her from what she thought she would be working in, finance, to working in beauty, then over to content, then finally back to beauty with Kjaer Weis. Gillian speaks to the trend for new young workers to be moving away from the big legacy brands early in their careers and how it was important for a resume to have some heavy hitting names early on, but that’s less the case lately. Gillian talks about Kjaer Weis’s role in the increasingly sustainable, increasingly clean nature of the beauty industry. With beautiful, refillable makeup, they’re part of a trend moving toward less disposable, slower beauty, and they’re leading the way. And Gillian has some advice for everyone who’s been through this pandemic.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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