51 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Time Batching Your Side Hustle and Breaking the Stigma in the Lash Industry with EyeCandy’s Michelle Stovall

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In this episode, we talk about how our businesses are evolving. We also have a segment with Michelle Stovall of EyeCandy Glam Lashes. Her brand promotes ease in lashing and breaks stigmas in the lash industry.

  • Hire through Upwork
  • Beauty Biz Bffs with Ali Grant from Be Social
  • Skincara 
  • We’re speaking at ICES! Download their app for more details and announcements.
  • Get a Glow Towel™ monthly subscription.
  • Know more about the Lash Love monthly subscription.
  • Shop lashes and other must-haves from EyeCandy Glam Lashes. Use the discount code beautybiz15 to get 15% off your first order. Get 20% off with the code wholesale20 for a minimum order of $1000. Get 50% off eyelash serums and lash baths when you purchase a bundle of 10.

Episode Highlights
How We’re Finding Ways to Grow

  • Now that our podcast is growing, we’ve decided to hire out.
  • Hiring out is part of growth, especially when you feel like you’re maxed out.
  • It’s possible to balance multiple things, but get some help when you think you need it. 
  • Another milestone we’re hitting is doing our first PR launch ever.

The Stigma Against Premade Lashes

  • Premade lashes initially received backlash from the lash industry because they were made poorly.
  • However, with high-quality products, these lashes are non-damaging, seamless, and lightweight.
  • We shouldn't discredit artists who use them for their craft.

Lash Hacks from Michelle

  • If you have a client with watering eyes, use adhesive wipes.
  • If you’re a beginner who wants to try out pre-fanned lashes, the mid sharp stems are the easiest to use.

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