59 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

The Creative Process Behind Authentically Boosting Social Media Engagement

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Are you struggling with creating fun and engaging content? In this episode, we bring you a fresh perspective on boosting your social media engagement—one that thrives and represents what you truly stand for.


Episode Highlights

Creating Content

  • Behind every post is a creative process that takes time and effort.
  • The only way to get better at creating and editing content is by doing it.
  • Do more; worry less.
  • Find your groove first before paying extra for content or branding.

Thoughts on Instagram

  • The best way to fine-tune your content is by getting to the root of what you’re sharing until you find your groove.
  • Pay attention to what you’re consuming.

Tips for Better Social Media Engagement

  • Stay consistent across all social media platforms.
  • Check yourself through your first nine posts.
  • Don’t delete; just move forward.
  • Stop paying attention to the algorithm.
  • Use Reels on Instagram.

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