62 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

Proven Tips & Tricks to Build Clientele with the OG Esthetician, Renée Rouleau

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Building a solid clientele is one of the foundations of a successful business. If there’s one esthetician who can attest to this, it’s Renee Rouleau, an OG in the beauty industry. In this episode, she got us covered with tips on building long-lasting connections.


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Episode Highlights

Keys to Success

  • Renee stayed passionate over the years.
  • She is always willing to learn, change, and evolve.
  • Having a hustler mentality also helped her.

Tips to Attract & Keep Clients

  • Give your services away for free if possible.
  • See yourself as a personal assistant to your client.
  • Be proactive. Anticipate your clients’ needs.

Biggest No-Nos

  • Never run late for your clients.
  • Do not move your clients’ appointments around.

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Don’t rush to become an entrepreneur.
  • Have an overabundance of clients.
  • Be prepared when you go out on your own.
  • Always dress to impress.

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