49 minutes | Sep 18, 2019

Woman, ROAR! Vanessa Dew Health-Ade Kombucha Co-Founder & CSO

Sharing stories of women in business and how they get it done. Woman, ROAR! is about inspiring you to be bold, see your potential, and get doing! Coming to you from Health-Ade Kombucha HQ in Torrance, California. Health-Ade Kombucha Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, Vanessa Dew, shares her story of going against the advice of others and building a multi-million dollar health beverage company. Vanessa grew up in Los Angeles. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from UC San Diego and followed a relatively conventional career path working for years at a major pharmaceutical company. Then, she quit everything to help start Health-Ade Kombucha with her two friends, husband and wife, Daina and Justin Trout. Vanessa's story is about following your gut, brainstorming business ideas with friends, and how to go get what you want, when you want more. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beautiful-hollywood/support
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