50 minutes | Dec 9, 2019

Woman, ROAR! The Forward Female Co-Founders Lauren Cheek and Priscilla Presley

Lauren Cheek and Priscilla Presley say research shows you have ninety-five percent more chance of success if you are accountable to someone other than just yourself. With that in mind, these two women created The Forward Female. This new co-working space in the Downtown L.A. Arts District offers members monthly check-ins to help keep projects on track. At college, Priscilla won two Lone Star EMMYs and went on to work as a producer at Extra and as part of the marketing team at Bumble. Lauren met Priscilla at Bumble while producing social media content for the company. Her creative agency had other big-name clients like Amazon, Audemars Piguet, and Rebook. Hear how they worked together to create The Forward Female and why it works for entrepreneurs to find a community. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beautiful-hollywood/support
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