143 minutes | Oct 21st 2015

Episode 5: Ori Bengal

Today’s guest Ori Bengal is a world traveler, artist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, marketing mega-mind, tinkerer, partier, photographer and couch surfer extraordinaire… This podcast is as long as it is AWESOME. Ori opened up about his adventures on the road, the people he’s encountered, the businesses he’s built, and the mind-bogglingly cool experiences he’s had. The stories you’re about to hear from Ori Bengal are all real, they’re all raw, and most importantly, they’re all the exact same kinds of experiences you can have if you’re willing to open your mind up to some unorthodox ideas. Prepare to laugh, cry, and get excited about EVERYTHING, as you discover: The epic tale of one man’s crusade against having a steady home… What happens when you are snuck into an all girl’s school under cover of darkness… How to build a daily routine that makes you exponentially better at the things that matter to you most Why getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is the most ideal hotbed for adventure… How to leverage the skills you have into the lifestyle you daydream about How to turn your daily commute (or any traveling you ever do) into a world class education How to get trunk-fulls of vodka for free And SO MUCH more… (including the secret to crashing on a Billionaire’s couch)…
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