55 minutes | Sep 9th 2015

Episode 2: Jesse Elder

How do you go from scrapping in UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUBS to running your own super successful franchise business? Why are your DESIRES more important than anything else? What’s the big deal with authenticity, and what does it even mean to “Be Authentic?” And what in God’s NAME happened on Bourbon Street, New Orleans? Answers to these questions and more await you inside this episode of the Be Way Better podcast! Our special guest Jesse Elder is on a mission… A mission to help Entrepreneurs upgrade their lives, enjoy their success, and be their own weird, wonderful selves. If you own your own business, do yourself a solid and listen in. If you don’t own your own business, that’s fine too. Jesse will reveal: The easiest way to get s#it done (without needing discipline) The real reason people procrastinate And how to live a life that makes you happy (it’s simpler than you probably think).
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