46 minutes | Apr 18, 2021

Episode 36 - Switching careers, developing a CEO mindset & when challenge can equal opportunity with Katie Acipella, founder of NineNine Bespoke

Hi and welcome back to Be the Girl Podcast. Today my guest is Katie Apicella, founder of Nine Nine Bespoke - a lifestyle management company based in New York. Born and raised in Manhattan, Katie then studied film in LA and went on to receive her BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Media Studies from NYU. Katie’s background in entertainment and luxury hospitality on both coasts is elemental to her expertise.  With a keen sense for emerging trends as well as her passion for cultivating exclusive relationships, Katie has been recognized as a tastemaker. Working on both the client and business side, as well as curating a vast yet relevant Rolodex in the hospitality and luxury lifestyle vertical, Katie is sought out for her valuable insight into developing innovative and creative approaches to drive business growth and client retention through perk and incentive marketing strategies. Katie believes wholeheartedly in living in the moment and embracing each and every day. She found her new passion when she realized that she could use all her skills and experience to help fill the void between work and life. We are chatting about Katie's journey from acting to being named one of New York’s most promising female founders, developing a CEO Mindset When You’re Just Getting Started, turning your greatest challenge into your greatest opportunity and so much more! We also chat about coaching services for anyone who feels that they need some advice, guidance and knowledge to help them level up and push through barriers! Let's get into the conversation. Follow Nine Nine Bespoke on Instagram and get in touch with Katie on email at savvy@nineninebespoke.com and head over the the website to find out more and connect. Follow Be The Girl Podcast, The Daily Pretty and your host, Hayley Payne on Instagram. Find knowledge and empowerment and visit our online store at thedailypretty.com and sign up to our newsletter for 10% off! 
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