47 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

Episode 22: How to Navigate Limiting Blocks with Hayley Payne, founder of The Daily Pretty. Hosted by Jessica Frigon

Welcome back to Be The Girl Podcast! To finish off Season 2 I thought it was really relevant to re-share my chat with Jessica from Project Love Co! We talk all about my personal journal and experience navigating limiting blocks (like "I could never be a guest on someone's podcast, why are they asking me?" to creating this very podcast!) and my advice for those who may be experiencing this themselves.  What you will learn from this episode: What inspired me to create The Daily Pretty Was it always a dream of mine to tart a blog and business? What I struggled with most starting TDP and how I overcame it How I set myself up for success daily The limiting blocks I struggled with and how I overcame them Tips on increasing self worth and confidence How to make sure we aren’t basing our identities on the number of likes we receive Organisation hacks and tips that have worked well for me What self-love means to me! PLUS, 3 Rapid Fire questions: My favorite fun activity to do that helps me get back into a creative mindset What is next for The Daily Pretty What is on my reading list right now So grab yourself a cup of organic tea, get comfy and I hope you enjoy my chat with Jessica and it helps to empower, motivate and inspire you to go after your dreams! Hayley x
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