33 minutes | Feb 5th 2019

If You Want a Natural Birth, Prepare for It! | Ep #13

If you want to have a natural birth, don’t just show up and hope, prepare for it! In this episode, Susan talks about why some women choose to birth naturally, why it’s so important to prepare, and she offers up some great ways to get ready for your natural childbirth. There’s also a very cool meditation/visualization to get you started on your natural birth journey.   Check out the show notes, get downloads, and leave comments at susancollum.com/13.   I’m Susan Collum and this is the Be the Blossom Podcast – where we talk about all the ways to have your best birth, and your best life. Pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and beyond.   IG: @sucollum FB: /coachsusancollum   Music composed and performed by the talented Jameson Stewart. 
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