21 minutes | Jan 8th 2019

Be a Blossom Badass. Your Guide to Goals and Accountability. | Ep #11

Be a Blossom Baddass. Someone that knows how to set a goal, why you want to achieve it, and then actually goes out and does it. That my friend, is some badassery. I know how to do it, and I know how to help you do it too. Join me.   I invite you to take part in the facebook group accountability event. Let’s do it! facebook.com/groups/betheblossom.   Check out the show notes, get downloads, and leave comments at susancollum.com/11.   I’m Susan Collum and this is the Be the Blossom Podcast – where we talk about all the ways to have your best birth, and your best life. Pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and beyond.   IG: @sucollum FB: /coachsusancollum   Music composed and performed by the talented Jameson Stewart. 
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