37 minutes | Jan 7th 2016

028 How to be Unmistakable feat. Srini Rao

What does it take to be unmistakable? That question has lead Srini Rao to develop a best-selling book, top podcast and unmistakable brand. If he can’t answer the question, nobody can. We’ve known Srini for a long time - we’ve gone running with him, taken him on countless road trips and he’s taught us so much. So, you can imagine what a thrill it was to finally meet him and have him on the show. A little background: Srini’s former podcast (Blogcast FM) was the very first podcast we ever listened to. He introduced us to the medium and his current podcast The Unmistakable Creative is one of the select few we subscribe to. After devouring so many of his words, we count him as a friend - the true mark of a good podcaster and communicator. In our chat, we venture off into some interesting territory where we find sharks, surfing, spontaneity and the reason we all need to get started. We ask Srini what he’s discovered after interviewing over 500 thought leaders and creative geniuses. It wasn’t hard for him to distill down the trait they all have. Oh, you thought I’d put it here for you to read, nice and easy like that. Nope, that’s what we call a tease. Listen to the podcast. Just like Srini himself, it’s inspiring and insightful. And, in case his words do touch you, we’ve added a Srini-inspired Spontaneity Sparker at the end of the show. A little exercise you can do to pump up that spontaneity muscle and get started on your journey to being unmistakable. Did you do the Sparker? Wanna share the results? We’d love to see what you came up with.  Connect with us on Facebook Page or on Twitter. Got an idea for the show or some general feedback - hit us up too! We love to hear from The Spontaneous. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your desire to be more spontaneous, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be happy to send along some gentle reminders. We all need a nudge once in awhile and remember - it doesn’t always have to be epic (like this week’s challenge) it just takes a sprinkle of spontaneity to help happiness happen. Special thanks to our guest Srini today. To connect with him and devour some of his ideas - check out the links below. Resources: The Art of Being Unmistakable   The Small Army Strategy  
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