11 minutes | Dec 31st 2015

027 Why Resolutions are Stupid

Isn’t it crazy how at this time of the year, we feel compelled to make these grand, sweeping resolutions? It’s time to stop the madness and set ourselves up for success instead. We’ve got a problem with resolutions. Actually - we have a lot of problems with resolutions. We don’t have a problem with goals (we actually love setting goals) but resolutions… the whole idea is, well, stupid. How stupid? Let us count the ways… First of all - they’re firmly placed in the future. We’re much more interested in doing what we can with today, with right now. Also they’re so definitive, so black and white. Resolutions also don’t account for the unexpected, like life happening. Plus, the timeline is too long. And, most importantly, unless you’re different from everyone we know - they usually fail. Or, we fail at them. Nobody likes to feel like a failure. You might note, that we left out the obvious in our list above. Resolutions are not spontaneous. In fact, they could thwart spontaneity and they can stop us from taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities. All true. But, we’ve got a hate on for resolutions for a bigger reason - because there is a better way to reach your goals. A more realistic way. A technique that you use everyday - not just by some far off deadline that you’re sure to miss if you don’t forget it first. In this podcast, we talk about how we set our goals, how our approach allows for the joys and opportunities for spontaneity and contribute to our happiness (you know, the opposite of how you feel when you fail to keep your resolutions).   We hope our ideas will get you pumped for tomorrow and have you resolving only to never make resolutions again. Cuz, they’re stupid. Are you a resolution resistor? Tell us how you keep your goals on track without the use of resolutions. Got an intention talisman? Tell us all about it! Connect with us on Facebook Page or on Twitter. We love to hear from The Spontaneous. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your desire to be more spontaneous, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be happy to send along some gentle reminders. We all need a nudge once in awhile and remember - it’s the daily spontaneous stuff that makes a difference. It just takes a sprinkle of spontaneity to help happiness happen.
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