35 minutes | Dec 24th 2015

026 How to Be Fearless feat. Urska & Gregor Kelt

What if there was no such thing as money? What would you do? The answer for these two travel addicts was simple; just walk and meet people. So, that’s what they did. Urska & Gregor Kelt are couple whose wanderlust runs deep. When they are not traveling they are working to save money to travel. Last year, they found themselves working. Working hard. And, not making a lot of money. Frustrated, they stayed up one night to discuss their predicament. When they asked themselves that one important question - what would we do if there was no money in the world (an interesting take on the usual ‘what would we had all the money in the world)? The answer seemed so obvious to them - they’d travel but without money, they’d have to rely on their own feet and the kindness of strangers. The next question was not one that really needed an answer - why not? From that night on, they wound down their businesses and began to plan their adventure - to walk 3000 km around Europe. We caught up with them about halfway through their original kilometre goal to find out what they’d discovered about relying on strangers, spontaneity and being fearless. Their story is inspirational for anyone wanting to be fearless, reject the binds of everyday conventional living and live a fuller, richer life (even without much money). We finish our conversation with a spontaneity sparker straight from the Kents. They’ve got the one question you should be using as a measure to follow your heart, be fearless and live a life you love. Did you find Urska and Gregor’s story inspirational? Could you do what they did? Connect with us on Facebook Page or on Twitter. We love to hear from The Spontaneous and we’d love to know if this story inspired you to be more fearless. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your desire to be more spontaneous, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be happy to send along some gentle reminders. We all need a nudge once in awhile and remember - it doesn’t always have to be epic (like this week’s challenge) it just takes a sprinkle of spontaneity to help happiness happen. Special thanks to our guests, Urska and Gregor. To connect with them and follow their wanderings (or offer them spontaneous lodgings or a meal) visit their website: walkfearless.org
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