226 minutes | Mar 8th 2019

BBC's Pride and Prejudice (1995) - Part 1

In what was supposed to be an episode covering the first half of the six-part series, Rob, Natalie, and Danielle spend two hours breaking down the first three-quarters of the first episode. Then Rob and Natalie reconvene to discuss the second episode. The third episode, our original stopping point, is completely forgotten! It will have to wait for next week. But don't get discouraged, there's a lot to dig into here. Who do we find ourselves strangely sympathetic to in this telling of Jane Austen's masterpiece? Mr. Bennett: avuncular dad or secret villain of the entire story? Is Lizzie actually that good a sister? How did we miss the red flags with Wickham? Is Matthew Macfadyen's awkward and conflicted Darcy in the 2005 film a more convincing portrayal than the intensely magnetic Darcy portrayed by Colin Firth? And finally, what are you supposed to do with Mr. Collins?  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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