137 minutes | Apr 10th 2019

BBC Pride and Prejudice (1995) - Part 5

​Here we are, huh? The last episode of the 1995 BBC ​Pride and Prejudice​​, and therefore the very last episode of our Be Good and Rewatch It series, which of course will conclude next week because we ran long and broke the letters section out into its own podcast! God and Waypoint aren't done with you yet, Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett! First, however, we have to get these two problematic faves into a marriage knot... and see Lizzie finally square-up with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who has condescended to get her ass kicked. We also delve into the mystery of who tipped Lady Catherine about Darcy's attachment to Elizabeth, and consider our final verdicts on Mr. Bennett. We also talk about the more realistic, restrained portrayals of the BBC adaptation with the more tempestuous approach taken by the 2005 film, which tries to render the interior monologues of the novel into action on film.


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