210 minutes | Mar 20th 2019

BBC Pride and Prejudice (1995) - Part 3

For BGRW We might as well face this head-on. There's no hiding from it. We spend an hour of this podcast discussing, in detail, our discomfort and ambivalence about the way our heroine, Elizabeth Bennett, begins to turn all the way around on Fitzwilliam Darcy when she sees his mansion. Is she being influenced by crass material considerations? What do we make of this weird, almost mythologized connection between Darcy and his estate at Pemberley? We discuss Romanticism, Transcendentalism, and Austin's slashfic about Peter Parker and Darcy. We also dig into both the creepiness of Wickham, and the ways he is still misjudged and his dangerousness under-rated even after his character has been revealed, plus Mr. Bennett's maddening complacency. We learn Natalie has trouble with imagery and metaphor, Rob is a bootlicking landlord apologist, and Austin has a worrying thing about wolves.


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