120 minutes | Mar 13th 2019

BBC Pride and Prejudice (1995) - Part 2

This continues to get out of hand. Once again we got in too deep, so our second episode of the BBC ​Pride and Prejudice ​only covers the third episode of the miniseries. But who can blame us! As connoisseurs of human folly, we are eager to savor such delights as these: Charlotte Lucas's marriage to Mr. Collins and what it is meant to say in the original novel, versus Lucy Scott's decides to portray in her reading of the character. Mr. Wickham's increasingly oily charm and aggressive self-pity. Lady Catherine, in which we get a taste of what happens if you took Lizzie's and Mrs. Bennett's worst possible traits and poured money over them. Col. Fitzwilliam's catastrophic assistance to Darcy. And finally, Darcy's own attempts at balancing romance with radical honesty.

Clips: Darcy's Confession, Rest in Fucking Pieces Mr Darcy, 2005 Darcy Confession


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