50 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

52: Virtual Assistant Mentor- Shelly Criswell

How do you know when it is time to hire a Virtual Assistant? When you get to the place where it's time to hire a qualified person to help you run your business, what do you do first?  With so many differences in rates and even specialties, you might wonder exactly what to do in order to get the best VA for you. The biggest question is often how do you know when your time is better spent serving your clients and not doing a particular task in your business? How do you know when you can afford not to be doing the things you don't want/need to do--- and hire that Virtual Assistant? Maybe you ARE a Virtual Assistant. Adding value to your clients might involve seeking out a virtual assistant mentor. Hiring a business coach/mentor is the best way to get on track and quickly see measurable results. Knowing how to choose a VA, making sure you have a contract, & thinking about a non-disclosure agreement are all parts of the very important decision to hire a new team member. Episode 51 of the Be Fabbo Podcast dives in to how to decide and get this done in the way that will best benefit you and your business.Tune in on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | Google PodcastsMeet ShellyAs a creative entrepreneur who became a Virtual Assistant and moved on to mentoring and teaching others how to be a VA, Shelly learned that It's ok to try different things before you figure it out. She is a Virtual Assistant who has dabbled in a lot of different "specialties" before I finding out what she liked. Growing her VA business as a side hustle and teaching herself along the way, she's the first one to tell you that at the beginning she had no idea what she was doing! But she figured it out and now her goal is to teach others.Facebook | Instagram | WebsiteMore From The Candid Conversation48:54    Three pieces of advice? Just. Do. It. Don't be scared. Just do it. start somewhere. Episode Takeaways Worth Repeating"There are only so many hours in a day! You get to a point when you have to invest in someone so that you can get to the money generating activities for your business."Resources Mentioned in This EpisodeStart Your VA Biz in 3 Days Workshop  *Then you're in for a treat because this workshop is designed to get you up and running in only 3 days!! And the best part? It's FREE!Take the QuizSpecial Offers For Fabbo ListenersGrab a Fabbo Chat with Bobbi for $129.00Join Fabbo-Ville in Facebook     https://www.facebook.com/groups/fabboville✨✨✨  If you loved this episode…FABBO! Our goal is to always Motivate, Educate and Celebrate YOU! We want to keeping bringing this content to creative earbuds everywhere. So can you help us to continue cheering on creatives, by posting a review & some pos
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