44 minutes | Jan 19, 2017

Ep. 10 “The Big Record Label Meeting; How To Be Ready!” Pt. 1 - [Guest: Alison Ball-Kilmer]

Join us for a critically important conversation with former Senior VP of A&R / Warner Bros. Records, Alison Ball-Kilmer. Alison will break down step by step what you need to be ready for the big pitch meeting at a major record label. Artists’ dreams and hopes have been realized or lost in these critical meet-and-greets with music industry label heads. These are the very people who can literally change your life in an instant. If you know that your goal is super-stardom, beyond just regional indie fame, this is the show for you. Grab a notepad. Prepare to have your life changed in this two part interview focusing on "readiness" when the big opportunity comes your way.
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