23 minutes | Apr 1, 2019

Why do stories matter?

Telling stories is one of the ways we connect to one and other. Stories teach us empathy and allow us to feel what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. They evolve to show us what our society considers acceptable - and what will not be forgiven. Sandra Kanthal explores why stories matter. Guests: David JP Philips – Communications Expert John Yorke - Author: Into The Woods Mirta Galesic - Professor in Human Social Dynamics, Santa Fe Institute Jamie Tehrani, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Durham University Elizabeth Kperrun - Founder; Zenafri Limited Samantha Armstrong - Senior Publisher, Oxford University Press Sandra Newman – Author: The Heavens and How Not To Write a Novel Music Track: Make America Great Again – performed by Dave Fenley (Photo: Woman holding an open book bursting with light. Credit: Getty Images)
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