28 minutes | Dec 1, 2015

What Does Home Mean?

What happens to your idea of home when you're forced to leave your country and resettle in another? Fi Glover meets three people who had to do that to explore the concept of home. Fran was a teenager when her father was made persona non grata by the Hastings Banda regime in Malawi. The family fled back 'home' to Britain, but Fran says she has not been able to settle in England in a culture she finds alien. Dragana left suddenly when war broke out in Bosnia, leaving her family in Banja Luka. The Netherlands became home for her as she lived with a host family, learnt Dutch, finished school and did a degree. She still lives there with her husband and children, but is it really home? Abiyot left Ethiopia when his life was in danger because of his political activism. He settled in Britain, took a degree and set up his own business. Britain, he says, is home for him, a place of safety and tolerance. Producer: Maggie Ayre.
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