55 minutes | Apr 14th 2015

6. Old Wounds - Loren Lester, Hector Navarro, Jessica McKenna

We dive into Dick Grayson's past with the voice of Robin and Nightwing himself: Loren Lester! Loren explains why he loves Old Wounds, guides us through his approach to voicing both characters, and even shares info on some never produced Batman animated spin-offs. He's joined by Bat-nerd and comedian Hector Navarro (Geek & Sundry), who discusses the importance of Robin in the Batman universe and asks all the right questions along the way. Also featuring Jessica McKenna (The Goldbergs, Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Zach & The Jess) and Jace Armstrong. Sponsored by The Nightwing Insta-Mullet! Rate + Subscribe in iTunes.