76 minutes | Mar 31st 2015

5. What is Reality? - Robert N. Skir, Yak Manrique, Alex Berg

Riddle me this: how does a podcast showcase its first Riddler episode? By celebrating the brains behind the show and interviewing our first BTAS writer: Robert N. Skir (Gargoyles, Superman: The Animated Series, Beetlejuice). Bob guides us through his career in animation, from how to write the perfect Riddler riddles to what it's like to be a comic book nerd working on your dream show. He's joined by comedian Yak Manrique (Private Street, UCB), who shares what it was like to take improv classes with his comic book and cartoon heroes. Also featuring Alex Berg (Key & Peele, Children's Hospital, UCB's Convoy) and Jace Armstrong. Sponsored by Daggett Cosmetics! Rate + Subscribe in iTunes.