93 minutes | Jan 17th 2017

44. Beware the Gray Ghost - Tom Ruegger, Ben Garant, Andrea Romano

Adam West teams up with Kevin Conroy in this fan-favorite episode and we’ve got the guests to back it up! Tom Ruegger, co-creator of Batman, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons and more talk about writing “Beware the Gray Ghost,” keeping Steven Spielberg happy, how improv made Freakazoid come alive, and the Road Rovers secret that’s hiding in plain sight. Then sketch comedy legend, screenwriter and Batman fan Robert Ben Garant (The State, Reno 911!, A Night at the Museum) discusses the importance of Thomas Wayne, the importance of aiming Batman at kids, and why Mask of the Phantasm is his favorite Batman movie. Lastly, Batman casting and voice director Andrea Romano pops by to chat about the Gray Ghost record session and casting Adam West. Sponsored by The Opera! Rate + Subscribe on iTunes. Updates on Twitter at @BTASpodcast and @heyjustin. Donate at www.patreon.com/btaspodcast.