55 minutes | Nov 18th 2016

42. See No Evil - Martin Pasko, Andrew Grissom

Invisible men and phantasms and Batman, oh my! Martin Pasko (Batman story editor and writer) returns to chat turning a second string DC villain into an emotionally driven character, why he’s most proud of his work on Mask of the Phantasm and his brief stint on the BTAS comic book spin-off Batman Adventures. I also chat with Andrew Grissom (Funny or Die, Buzzfeed) about why See No Evil stuck with him over the years, Lazarus Pits and what happens when Mr. Freeze hooks up with Madame Web. Sponsored by Deadbeat Dads! Rate + Subscribe on iTunes. Updates on Twitter at @BTASpodcast and @heyjustin.  Donate at www.patreon.com/btaspodcast.