71 minutes | Mar 15th 2016

28. Critters - Joe R. Lansdale, Phillip Mottaz

Howdy! It's time for one of the most divisive episodes of the series: Critters. That’s right, the episode where Batman fights a bunch of giant praying mantises on a rocket silo! I continue chatting with episode writer and pulp veteran Joe R. Lansdale (Sundance’s Hap & Leonard, Bubba Ho-Tep) about imbuing BTAS with a touch of 60s charm, parodying the show from within and gothic horror. Then I chat with Phillip Mottaz (Ramones of the Day and Superpunk Radio podcasts) about why he loves Critters, jetpacks and all. Sponsored by Creepy Talking Goats! Rate + Subscribe in iTunes. Follow @BTASpodcast and @heyjustin for updates. Donate at www.patreon.com/BTASpodcast.