33 minutes | Jun 6, 2018

Episode 3 - February 2018, Byanza the pocket gopher, wild first gardens, Facebook reader stories and more

Please consider supporting Bash-O-Bash for a dollar or more a month! Become a patron at patreon.com/bashobash . This episode we pick up at the end of a flu riddled season with an introduction to a Bash-O-Bash character Byanza Almeda, seed catalogs, wildly successful first gardens, stories from our Facebook readers about their granny's gardens, coming face to face with your family's racist history and choosing a different path, and more! Oh, and officially this month we are ditching the goal of a podcast per month, because clearly… But we're going to keep them coming as long as we know you're listening! Give us feedback in iTunes or on our Facebook and Instagram pages!
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