13 minutes | Jun 6, 2018

Episode 1 - Nov. 2017, Introduction, music, clucking

Please consider supporting Bash-O-Bash for a dollar or more a month! Become a patron at patreon.com/bashobash . It's the new Bash-O-Bash podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves, learn a little about how little we know about trees, and indulge in some meditative chicken listening. Kidding not kidding. Bash-O-Bash is a children's book series in the making, with an emphasis on love of place, heritage, a connection to the land (in Bash-O-Bash stories these will be played out primarily in rural Arkansas, where its creators, the Martin-Moats family live,) and characters who affirm and live out the right to question and explore gender and demonstrate a community where individuals outside gender norms can “just be living their good life,” as one of our fans put it. Also in this episode is the song Uncle Junior by Woods Afire, written by Meredith Martin and performed by Meredith Martin, Rebekah Champagne, Heather Smith, Bryan Brown, Amjad Faur and Bryan Moats.
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