42 minutes | Mar 29th 2016

Continuucast 6: Brandon DuBreuil of CPBLenglish.com

This time on the Continuucast: -Dan Glickman goes beyond the sea (through Skype) to talk Taiwanese baseball with Brandon DuBreuil (pronounced Du-BRAY), one of the co-founders of CPBLenglish.com. Topics include how Brandon got to Taiwan, why CPBL English is opening now, notable names both foreign and domestic in the CPBL, and interesting traditions in Taiwanese baseball. -Dan gets the Angels out of the way for "30 Teams, 30 Posts" by briefly talking about how the Angels may have wasted their opportunity with Mike Trout.   -Dan previews the next episode, which will be a SEASON OPENING EXTRAVAGANZA with multiple guests (not all at the same time).   Music/Sounds Featured:   “The National Game” by John Phillip Sousa   Instrumental version of "La Mer/Beyond The Sea" by Django Reinhart   "The Mike Trout Song" by Conn.B.   The death music from Super Mario Brothers   Excerpt of “Pennant Fever” from the Major League soundtrack   All sound and music used is either public domain or is a short snippet that falls under fair use.  
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