84 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

60 - Statcast Offensive Measurements

Mark and Andy are back to where it all started, introducing advanced stats one episode at a time. This time though, there's a little twist in that the "stats" are really just measurements, and instead of one, they talk about four or five different ones. The topic this time around is Statcast stats, and to start their investigation, your hosts are looking at offensive measurements: exit velocity, launch angle, lead distance, and sprint speed. Mark and Andy break down these divisive metrics in an effort to better understand how they're measured and what they mean. Leaderboards and loserboards are utilized to help sort out what kinds of numbers are typical, and which major leaguers have extreme values in all categories. The episode is wrapped up with a round of Roll The Stat, in which the hosts guess players' sprint speeds. Please listen and play along and see if you can also become a Statcast expert.
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