67 minutes | Oct 3rd 2020

Episode 6: Drinking beer, talking news, and the Proud boys

Grab a beer. No, actually grab two beers. Things get heavy as the guys talk about the death of RGB, the shit-show that was the 1st debate, and a whole lot about some really bad people.Trump's got the RonaWhat if he dies?AP News fact checks the debateNBC News' play-by-play of the debateIvana hates X-masProud boys infoMore right wing nutjobsRight wing hate symbols (CW: slurs, hate speech, calls for violence)The Turner Diaries (seriously, don't actually read this book)Proud Boys 4chan threats (CW: threats of violence)Liquor stores in your areaVOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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