59 minutes | Mar 4, 2021

Barnstormer Sports Podcast - You're Killin' Me Smalls!

Welcome back to episode four of the Barnstormer Sports Podcast, the podcast where we bring you the best in baseball, football, hoops, and golf. On today’s starting lineup, we have none other than Amtrak Ry, Tags, Spin Doc and Nicky10Milli. However, MyDoggy won’t be joining us as he completes his mandatory quarantine. Taking his spot for today is the legendary Ronnie Deck. Ronnie has a wealth of experience in baseball, not only as a pro player but also as a coach, instructor, and mentor to young players. In this episode, we keep off the greens, quit touchdowns and tackles, and leave our basketballs behind because today it’s all about baseball. We take a good look at the physical and grueling nature of the season ahead, discuss the American and National leagues, and share our picks for who’s making it to the World series. Later, we welcome Ronnie Deck onto the show and ask him about all things coaching, throwing camps, and how the 2020 lockdowns have affected young players. As always, we finish off the show with our Making Hay segment. This time, we touch on Big League Advance’s shady ways, Urban Myers and his lack of ethics, and Amtrak’s, especially long golf trips. Huddle up and tune in today! Key Points From This Episode:We introduce our expert panel, and today’s topic: baseball.Tonight we talk to baseball coach and mentor, Ronnie Deck.The physical and grueling nature of baseball’s roster.Why more pitchers are going to be needed this year.We look at how teams performed last year and share our projections on this season.Hear our thoughts on the NL baseball before we focus on AL.The Yankees’ chances of reaching the World Series.Hear our pre-season pick-to-win-it-all. We hear from Ronnie Deck, tonight’s special guest.  Ronnie tells us about his tough experiences in 2020.  We ask Ronnie about career prospects for some of his younger players.Ronnie shares his best story when he was with the Orioles.       We get things off our chest on the Making Hay segment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Barnstormer Sports Podcast on FacebookBarnstormer Sports Podcast on InstagramBarnstormer SportsMLBWhite SoxChicago CubsMike Clevenger
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