42 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Barnstormer Sports Podcast - Opening Day

Superbowl Sunday, Patrick Reed, really?!! And College Hoops Heating Up!!! But first, we welcome Barnstormer Sports to the world of podcasts. Backed by a panel of sports fan stalwarts, we offer the very best commentary and analysis on all things sport. Think football, think golf, think hoops, it’s all here. But before we kick off our debut episode, we take a few moments to introduce some voices that are going to become very familiar to you. We’ve got Ryan aka “Amtrak”; Brian aka “Tags”; Mark aka “Spin Doc”; Kevin aka “My doggie” and Nicky aka “Ten Millie”. We also share a little bit about Barnstormer Sports’ background and where and when you can tune in to our shows. You’ll hear all about our insane sports shed, plastered with big screens TVs, and of course, the bar area. Then, it’s time to dive into NFC-AFC championships. We take a deep look at the current games and player performances, paying special attention to the Brady-Mahomes matchup; it’s neck and neck out there! Next up is golf. We get into the gritty details over Patrick Reed, his controversial decisions on the course, and why he makes dinner reservations for one. Lastly, we talk hoops. We talk about what makes this season so different from any other and give our pick for the top three teams. If you want to hear what they are, and to find out much, much more, be sure to tune in with us today!Key Points From This Episode:Introducing your host, Ryan aka “Amtrak Ry”.Amtrak Ry shares some background to Barnstormer Sports.Hear when you should keep an ear out for each new episode.Amtrak Ry gives a sneak peek at what sort of topics you can expect on the show.We introduce our remaining Barnstormer Sports Podcast hosts.We share a quick recap of the NFC-AFC championships from last week.Why the NFC score was closer than the game.Our panel of hosts analyzes Aaron Roger’s game performance.We draw stats comparisons between Brady and Mahomes.Why Patrick Reed’s drop shot created so much controversy.We talk NCAA hoops.What makes this year’s NCAA different.How Gonzaga is expected to hold up as a battle-tested team.Which NCAA teams find themselves in the top three.That’s a wrap for our first show! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Barnstormer Sports Podcast on FacebookBarnstormer Sports Podcast on InstagramChicago BearsSuperbowlTom BradyAaron RogersJosh AllenGreen Bay PackersPatrick Mahomes IITampa Bay BuccaneersPatrick ReedRyder CupCaptain AmericaPGA TourGonzaga BulldogsRutgers Scarlet KnightsClemson TigersMichigan State SpartansBaylor Bears Ohio State BuckeyesJordan Bohannon
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