31 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

BH011: Lend Me a Fiver; I Like Dick Diver (...and Total Control)

In Episode 11 of Barely Human, we arrive in the contemporary to look at a thriving subcultural community from Melbourne, Australia. With Dick Diver we find a band who related to the contemporary condition by singing about items littered on the kitchen table...before unwittingly creating a non-genre that was cruelly nicknamed 'dolewave.' Then we cross to the post-punk mania of Total Control, who turned to paranoid visions and the sounds of dystopia to become one of the most influential bands of the 2010s.~~ Help fund Season 2! Subscribe to our zine and cassette mail order at https://patreon.com/barelyhuman ~~Barely Human was written and hosted by Max Easton and produced by Jason L'Ecuyer and Marty Peralta of Output Media. Visit the website for show notes featuring extra discussion, sources, further reading and detailed credits here: https://www.barelyhuman.info/2020/03/ep-11-lend-me-fiver-i-like-dick-diver.html.The accompanying playlist called 'Melbourne Scenius' can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1DWrsze7gJPLjIplnOYMavFollow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all @barelyhumanpod
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