34 minutes | Mar 11, 2020

BH009: Dead Inside; I Like R.L. Burnside (...and Cheater Slicks)

After stepping into the '90s last episode, Episode 9 highlights the backward looking glance of that decade: via its garage punk revival, and notions of 'discovery.' We look at R.L. Burnside, a unique Hill Country blues player who performed for decades in small-town Mississippi, becoming a household name after collaborating with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 50 years after his first gig. Then we turn to the most resilient underdogs of the '90s garage revival: a band from Boston called Cheater Slicks, who didn't languish in obscurity...but reveled in it. ~~ Help fund Season 2! Subscribe to our zine and cassette mail order at https://patreon.com/barelyhuman ~~Barely Human was written and hosted by Max Easton and produced by Jason L'Ecuyer and Marty Peralta of Output Media. Theme song by Sydney punk band Tim & The Boys. Visit the website for show notes featuring extra discussion, sources, further reading and detailed credits at: https://www.barelyhuman.info/2020/03/ep-9-dead-inside-i-like-rl-burnside-and.html. The accompanying playlist called 'The Hill Country Revival' can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1tkltr0SbVOdEPmZssueOb Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all @barelyhumanpod
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