28 minutes | Feb 10, 2020

BH005: Everything's Dandy; I Like Black Randy (...and GG Allin)

Episode 5 of Barely Human looks at two characters who pushed and crossed boundaries in the name of antagonism. We start at the birth of L.A. punk to find Black Randy: a mysterious and eccentric musician who spent as much time pranking and tormenting his peers as he did appropriating soul music. Then we turn to GG Allin: someone whose artistic mission as a punk frontperson was not just depraved, but criminal. ~~ Help fund Season 2! Subscribe to our zine and cassette mail order at https://patreon.com/barelyhuman ~~Barely Human was written and hosted by Max Easton and produced by Jason L'Ecuyer and Marty Peralta of Output Media. Theme song by Sydney punk band Tim & The Boys. Visit the website for show notes featuring extra discussion, sources, further reading and detailed credits here: https://www.barelyhuman.info/2020/02/ep-5-everythings-dandy-i-like-black.html The accompanying playlist can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1wLttIxp41i9kEmB7pjLxE Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all @barelyhumanpod
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