34 minutes | Jan 20, 2020

BH002: Barely Human; I Like Randy Newman (...and Frank Sidebottom)

Barely Human continues with two cult musicians who flavoured their careers with cynicism, self-sabotage and corrosive irony...only to be left misunderstood and misremembered by the broader culture. In Randy Newman we find the glossed over career of the now-famed film composer, who once had the chance to write a hit for Frank Sinatra, but chose to mock him in the song lyrics. Then we turn to Frank Sidebottom, who sabotaged his shot at the big time during a support slot at Wembley Stadium...by playing a set of lampooning covers of the headliner until he was bottled off the stage. ~~ Help fund Season 2! Subscribe to our zine and cassette mail order at https://patreon.com/barelyhuman ~~Barely Human was written and hosted by Max Easton and produced by Jason L'Ecuyer and Marty Peralta of Output Media. Theme song by Sydney punk band Tim & The Boys. Visit the website for show notes featuring extra discussion, sources, further reading and detailed credits at https://www.barelyhuman.info/2020/01/ep-2-barely-human-i-like-randy-newman.html. The accompanying playlist, 'Cynics Cover Cynics' can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ZQYubjJHegVao2E3rlsbN?si=o346J-0rTBC_rJRf3pmhvQ. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all @barelyhumanpod.
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