13 minutes | Aug 14, 2020

Review - HirePlanner - Applicant Tracking System

If you have a business and hire more than 5 people a year, then your HR team needs an applicant tracking system (ATS). If you're still using Excel or folders on your desktop, then you need to move yoru recruitment into the 21st Century. If you're shopping for an ATS, there are plenty to chose from. Today we review, HirePlanner--an ATS developed and built in Japan.  In this episode we'll cover: Why you an ATS helps everyone know what's going on in the recruitment process.  Understand if a bilingual system is important or not. Understand if SEO is important to you. Know the advantages of having a Japanese ATS. Understand the positives and negatives of the system.SPONSORSBarefoot Lunch episode sponsor, Tamago-DB https://www.tamago-db.com/en/Barefoot Lunch theme music was composed and performed by Sweeny Davis 
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