15 minutes | Oct 31, 2020

Musings - Top Grading

Do you want a better way to hire employees with less mistakes? Then listen to this podcast where we discuss a simple 5 step strategy to hire the best. In this episode, you'll be introduced to Top Grading: a recruitment methodology proven effective by some of the best companies in the world. Engage your HR and executives to hire A-Players.How to document or create scorecards. If you would like samples, please feel free to email me: david@barefootlunch.comLearn the easy, time-saving technique of screening,Why are reference checks so important?The simple process and the questions to ask. When discrepancies appear, then you have an opportunity pass up a B or C Player before they are hired, and in the long run, saving you and your company much time, energy, and money. These 5 steps are the bare bones of creating a recruitment process for your organization that our clients say attracts and retains the top talent.    
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