44 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

One Page One Offs! | Dr. Magnet Hands - Can Fly But Can't Walk - Part 2

Since we are still two members down this episode, we are going to finish off our one page one off of Dr. Magnet Hands! When we last left off, the crew had just crash landed on the moon due to the parachutes on the rocket not working as planned. Once there they realize they have two options…. Go stop the laser itself or try and stop Dr. Magnet Hands. Which option do they choose? Are they successful? Listen now to find out! Intro Music Courtesy of Gogol Bordello Patreon Patrons for This Episode: Casey Smith Cheryl Maplefish Chris Freehling Clown Prince Chaos Etoby50 Evan Dvorak Hayden Frank Izaac Reese James Trevor Hurt Jamie Ruiz JR McCormick JrMcBabyFace Kayla Light Max Cicolini Monday Morningdew Dice Bags Tarken Davis Yinnie the Pooh Zophar Petty Help us out! Become a Patreon! Be sure to follow us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch Visit us here bardsandnobles.com   You can send us snail mail to: Bards & Nobles P.O. Box 381884 Birmingham, AL 35238
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